Störfall Baytown

September 28, 2006, Forbes

Pressure group urges Bayer to produce TDI plastics without phosgene after blast

FRANKFURT - An anti-Bayer pressure group has challenged the German chemical giant to produce TDI plastics without using poisonous phosgene gas following an explosion at a US Bayer plant which injured 22 people.

The Germany-based Coalition Against Bayer Dangers said: 'We are challenging Bayer to set up a phosgene-free TDI production plant. Bayer needs to assess whether a similar explosion could happen at its German (TDI) plant (in Dormagen).'

Nobody was seriously injured in the explosion on Tuesday at Bayer Material Science's plant in Baytown, Texas.

The cause of the blast, which is still unknown, is being investigated by a team of international experts, Bayer said earlier.

The incident follows an explosion at the Bayer's Baytown unit in 2004, which an internal investigation determined was caused by an over-concentration of feedstock chemicals.

Phosgene, also known as carbonyl chloride, is a toxic gas used as a chemical weapon during the World War I.