Yaz / Yasmin
Yaz victims protesting in Bayer Shareholder Meeting
27 May 2015: Parents of 15 year old Yasmin victim at Bayer ASM

"Remove dangerous contraceptive pills from the market!"

Contraceptive pills of the latest generation are associated with a risk of embolism that is nearly twice as high as that associated with older products. At least 200 young women have died so far. Yaz/Yasmin is heavily advertised by Bayer, especially towards girls and young women, by promising reduction of weight and acne relief. However, no attention is drawn by Bayer to the more pronounced risk profile associated with products containing the hormone drospirenone. This leads to avoidable incidents and fatalities. Contraceptive pills that are associated with an increased risk of thrombosis and embolism must be banned!

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