Day of No Pesticides Use


WWF Germany, Coalition against BAYER-dangers and Pesticide Action Network Germany organized a demonstration at Bayer's headquarters in Leverkusen, Germany on the occasion of December 3, 2001, the international "Day of No Pesticide Use." They delivered an Open Letter urging the company to withdraw their most dangerous pesticides from the world market. The letter was signed by more than 150 organizations from 40 countries.

Twelve protesters, facing over 100 police officers and security personnel, held a sign that read, "Bayer has to keep its word! Remove highly hazardous pesticides from markets all over the world." Local and international media captured images of protesters dressed as skeletons standing in front of 12 black crosses. The demonstrators delivered the letter to Annik Dollacker, spokesperson for Bayer's pesticides department, inside company headquarters.

The letter calls on BAYER AG to withdraw immediately from European and world markets all pesticide products which contain active ingredients in Class I of the World Health Organization (WHO) Recommended Classification of Pesticides by Hazard. In its Annual Report of 1995, Bayer committed to pursuing environmental protection and product safety by setting clear goals, in research, development and marketing of plant protection products for the following five years. Bayer promised to reduce the amount of product required per application and to replace WHO Class I products with products of less toxicity.

The company evidently failed to keep its promise, since several Bayer products containing WHO Class I active ingredients are still on the market. Bayer active ingredients in WHO Class I a (extremely hazardous) include coumaphos, disulfoton, ethyl and methyl parathion and fenamiphos. Bayer active ingredients in WHO Class I b (highly hazardous) include azinphos-methyl, carbofuran, methamidophos and oxydemeton-methyl.

The signatories of the letter called on Bayer to fulfill its declaration of 1995. Campaign organizers encourage pesticide reformers around the world to send similar letters to Bayer's headquarters in their countries and inform the media.


We the undersigned hereby call upon Bayer AG to withdraw immediately from the European and world markets all pesticide products which contain active ingredients that would bring them within Class I of the World Health Organisation (WHO) "Recommended Classification of Pesticides by Hazard".

Bayer’s Annual Report of 1995 declares that:
”In a ‘Three Step Programme’ we have set clear goals in research, development and marketing of plant protection products, for the next five years to pursue even further important aspects of environmental protection and product safety. We will further reduce the applied amount of product per application and replace products with the Classification I of the World Health Organisation through products of less toxicity.”

But so far this promise has not been kept. Bayer products containing the following active ingredients are still on the market:

Azinphos-methyl (WHO Class Ia)
Carbofuran (Ib)
Coumaphos (Ia)
Disulfoton (Ia)
Ethyl and methyl parathion (Ia)
Fenamiphos (Ia)
Methamidophos (Ib)
Oxydemeton-s-methyl ((Ib)

We call upon you to fulfill your declaration of 1995 and look forward to your response.

Brent Blackwelder, President, Friends of the Earth USA
Kagan Owens, Program Director, Beyond Pesticides/National Coalition against the Misuse of Pesticides (USA)
Till Locher, WWF Germany
Lars Neumeister, Pesticide Action-Network Germany
Philipp Mimkes, Coordination against BAYER-dangers (CBG), Germany
Ellen Hickey, Pesticide Action Network North America (USA)
Rajesh Rangarajan, Toxics Link, India
Peter Beaumont, Development Director, Pesticide Action Network UK
Sarojeni V Rengam, Pesticide Action Network Asia & the Pacific, Malaysia
Luis Gomero, Red de Acción en Plaguicidas y sus Alternativas para América Latina, Perú
Dr. Romy Quijano, PAN Philippines
Fernando Bejarano, Coordinator, PAN Mexico
Centro de Tecnologias Alternativas da Zona da Mata, Brasilien

co-signers (organizations)
Accion Ecologica/Lucia Gallardo Fierro (Ecuador),
Ärztinnen und Ärzte für eine gesunde Umwelt/Hanns Moshammer (Austria),
Agricultural Resources Center/Allan Spalt (USA),
Agricultural University of Wgeningen/Irene Maria Cardoso (Netherlands),
Aktion Selbstbesteuerung (Germany)
Aktionskonferenz Nordsee/Nadja Zierbarth (Germany),
Allgemeiner Studentenausschuss der Fachhoschule Aachen/Andrea Wilms (Germany),
Allgemeiner Studentenausschuss der Fachhochschule Bochum (Germany),
Allgemeiner Studentenausschuss der Musikhochschule Lübeck/Christoph Schmidt (Germany),
Allgemeiner Studentenausschuss der Rheinisch Westfälischen Technischen Hochschule Aachen/ Kristina von Stosch (Germany),
Allgemeiner Studentenausschuss der Technischen Universität Braunschweig (Germany),
Allgemeiner Studentenausschuss der Technischen Universität Clausthal (Germany),
Allgemeiner Studentenausschuss der Universität Hildesheim/Dorthe Stutzmann (Germany),
Allerweltshaus Köln (Germany),
Amazon Conservation Team/Vasco van Roosmalen (USA),
AMCFE/Abdoulaye Diallo (Mali),
American Bird Conservancy/Kelley R. Tucker/Director/Pesticides & Birds Campaign (USA),
Amigos del Erbol (El Salvador),
AntiGen (Germany),
Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Gesundheitsbewußtsein und kritischen Umgang mit Arzneimitteln/Dr. Sigrid Müller (Germany),
Arbeitskreis Solidarische Welt e.V. (Germany)
Arbeitskreis Verkehr und Umwelt UMKEHR (Germany),
Asociación Ambientalista La Cuenca/Sitio de Mata de Turrialba (Costa Rica),
Asociación Biologas (El Salvador),
Asociación Comunitaria de Desarrollo Integral (El Salvador),
Asociación Ecologista de Cogestión Comunitaria (Costa Rica),
Asociación de Campesinos Productores Orgánicos (Costa Rica),
Asociación de Desarrollo de Quzaltepeque (El Salvador),
Asociación de Desarrollo Integral con Productos Naturales (El Salvador),
Asociacion de Organizaciones de Productores Ecologicos de Bolivia (Bolivia),
Asociación del Medio Ambiente de Chalchuapa (El Salvador),
Asociación del Medio Ambiente de Sonsonate (El Salvador),
Asociación Ecologista de Cogestión Comunitaria (Costa Rica),
Asociación Muellera Limonense (Costa Rica),
Asociación Nacional de Empleados Públicos (Costa Rica),
Asociación para el Desarrollo Municipal "Zunca-Aguijuvo" (El Salvador),
Asociación Pro - Desarrollo y Ecología (Costa Rica),
Asociación Salvadorena de Ingenieros Mecánicos, Electristas e Industriales (El Salvador),
Asociación Servicios de Promoción Laboral (Costa Rica),
Asociación Voces Nuestras (Costa Rica),
Associação Agroecológica TIJUPÁ (Brazil),
Association Togolaise pour la Promotion Humaine/Komi Mawuko (Togo),

banana network (Costa Rica),
Bananero Costarricense (Costa Rica),
Basler Appell gegen Gentechnologie/Markus Laube (Schweiz),
Peter Beaumont/Pesticide Action network (UK),
Blazing Tattles/Claire W. Gilbert (USA),
Irene Bloemink/Waterpakt Foundation (Netherlands),
Brasilienkreis St. Heinrich/Dr. Ferdinand Karstiens (Germany),
Breast Cancer Action/Diane de Lara (USA),
Breast Cancer Fund/Joan Reinhardt Reiss (USA),
Brot für die Welt/Susanne Mvuyekure (Germany),
Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Franken/Heinrich Schneider (Germany),
Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Siegen-Wittgenstein (Germany),
Bündnis 90 - Die Grünen/Erika und Kurt Luks (Germany),
Bündnis 90 - Die Grünen/Maria Spieker/Mitglied des Stadtrats (Germany),
Bündnis 90 - Die Grünen/Wilfried Nachtwei/Mitglied des deutschen Bundestages (Germany),
Bündnis 90 - Die Grünen Aschaffenburg/Thomas Mütze/Stadtrat (Germany),
Bündnis 90 - Die Grünen Bremen/Dr. Matthias Güldner/Mitglied der Bürgerschaft (Germany),
Bündnis 90 - Die Grünen Bremen/Thomas Kollande-Emigholz/Mitglied der Bürgerschaft (Germany),
Bündnis 90 - Die Grünen Bremen/Anni Nottebaum/Mitglied der Bürgerschaft (Germany),
Bündnis 90 - Die Grünen Mühlheim/Eva Weber (Germany),
Bündnis 90 - Die Grünen/Andreas Werner/Mitglied des Hessischen Landtags (Germany),
Bürgerinitiative Umweltschutz Hannover/Moritz Busse (Germany),

Campaign for Pestidcide Reduction/Susan Koswan (Canada),
Canadians Against Pesticides/Bernd Frazer (Canada),
Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment/Warren Bell (Canada),
Catholic Heathcare West/Susan Vickers (USA),
Center for Environmental Health/Kathie Silberman (USA),
Center for Environmental Studies/Dr. Ferenc Laczó/Program Manager (Hungary),
Centro de Agricultura Alternativa Vicente Nica/Hélio Mota (Brazil),
Centro de Estuios sobre Tecnologias Apropiadeas de Argentina (Argentinia),
Centro de Orientación Radial para la Mujer Salvadorena (El Salvador),
Centro de Tecnologias Alternativas da Zona da Mata (Brazil),
Centro Teológico del Caribe (Costa Rica),
Certificadora Chile Orgánico/Virginia Zenteno Wodehouse (Chile),
Chemical Injury Emergency Fund/Suzanne Fisher (USA),
Ciudania y Desarrollo (El Salvador),
COECOCeiba-FoE/Isaac Rojas (Costa Rica),
Colegio de Arquitectos (El Salvador),
Comisión de Asuntos Nacionales (Costa Rica),
Commitato Scientifico Antivivisezionista/Fabrizia Pratesi (Italia),
Comité de Desarrollo Integral de Tonacatepeque (El Salvador),
Comité para la Reconstruction y el Desarrollo (El Salvador),
Consejo Coooordinator de Comunidades (Costa Rica),
Consejo Nacional de Trabajadores (Costa Rica),
Consumer Defend Center/Armano Flores (El Salvador),
Coordinación de Sindicatos Bananeros (Costa Rica),
Corporación Educativa para el Desarrollo Costarricense (Costa Rica),
COTT/Edward Maslak (USA),
CREDHO (El Salvador),
Cumberland Countians for Peace & Justice/Rev. Walter Stark (USA),

Dachverband der Kritischen Aktionärinnen und Aktionäre/Axel Köhler-Schnura/Vorstand (Germany),
Danish Ecological Council/Hans Nielsen (Denmark),
Department of the Planet Earth/Erik Jansson (USA),
Deutsche Kommunistische Partei/Kreisvorstand Düsseldorf (Germany),
Deutscher Freidenker-Verband Ostwürttemberg/Heiner Jestrabek (Germany),
Diócesis de Limón/Pastoral Social (Costa Rica),
Direction de l'Environnement et des Etablissement Classés/Wally Moussa (République du Sénégal),
Dritte Welt Forum Hannover (Germany),

Earth Action (Canada),
El Canelo de Nos/Claudia Verónica Pérez Quiroz (Chile),
EMATER-RS (Brazil),
Enlace Sur-Sur Reión desde México hasta Panamá (Panama),
Environmental Rescue International/Winters O. Negbenebor (Nigeria),
ETC-Netherlands/Jean-Maria Diop (Netherlands),
European Bet Coordination Office/Kathrin Gutmann (UK),
EYFA/Odilia Gartner (Netherlands),

Fachschaft Mathematik-Physik-Informatik Rheinisch Westfälische Technische Hochschule (Germany),
Fachschaftsrat Chemie der Universität Münster (Germany),
Farm Labor Organizing Committee/Beatriz Maya (USA),
Federación de Estudiantes de la Universidad Nacional (Costa Rica),
Federación de Estudiantes Universidad de Costa Rica (Costa Rica),
Föderation der Demokratischen Arbeitervereine/Avgan Hüseyin (Germany),
Förderverein internationaler Frauentreff/Regine Weiß (Germany),
Fondation pour le Developement au Sahel/Sangare Tiemoko Souleymane (Sahel),
Fondo de Microproyectos Costarricenses - Fondo Social del Sector(Costa Rica),
Fondo Imperatrice Nuda contro la sperimentazione animale/Alberta Dettori (Italia),
For Civil Society/NGO Association of Kyrgyzstan/Dr. Igor Hodjamberdiev/Chairman (Kyrgyzstan),
Foro Emaús (Costa Rica),
Friedenskreis Rothenburg/Reiner Endlein (Germany),
Fundacion Agricultura y Medio Ambiente Inc./Dr. Andrea Brechelt (Dominican Republique),
Fundación Montecristo (El Salvador),
Fundación Nairi (Costa Rica),
Fundación para el Desarrollo de la Ciencia y Tecnologia (El Salvador),
Fundación 1º de Mayo de CC.OO/Jorge Riechmann/Coordinador del Área de Medio Ambiente (Spain),
Fundación Salvadorena de Communicación Ambiental (El Salvador),
Fundación Tazumal (El Salvador),
Fussgängerschutzverein FUSS (Germany),

Generation Green/Rochelle Davis (USA),
Gesellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit/Matthias Frost (Germany),
Getting Rid Of Urban Pesticides/Susan Koswan (Canada),
Ghana Organic Agriculture Network/Lawrence Tsimese (Ghana),
Global Pesticide Project/Yahya Msangi (Tanzania),
Groundswell/Stacey Pegg Wilson (Canada),
groundWork/Bobby Peek/Director (South Africa),
Grüne Alternative/Udo Werner/Stadtrat Witten (Germany),
Grüne Liga Berlin/Mathias Bauer (Germany),

Hamburg School of Economics/Dr. Ronald Köpke (Germany),
Health Action Network/Michael Brine (Canada),
Healthy Lawns - Healthy People/Paddy Running-Horan (USA),

IDEC - Brazilian Institute for Consumers Defence/Marilena Lazzarini (Brazil),
Iglesia Luterana de Costa Rica (Costa Rica),
IITA/PHMD/Serge Eric Attignon (Benin),
Informationszentrum Dritte Welt Herne (Germany),
Institut für Baubiologie und Ökologie/Prof. Anton Schneider (Germany),
Institut für Ökologie und Aktions-Ethnologie (Germany),
Instituto de la Mujer (El Salvador),
Inter-Environnement Wallonie/Frédéric Soete/Chargé de mission "eau" (France),
International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel and Allied Workers' Associations North America/Susan Lowen (USA),
Interessengemeinschaft der Holzschutzmittel-Geschädigten (Germany),
IRENE Network/A. V. Huyken (Netherlands),

JungdemokratInnen - Junge Linke NRW (Germany),

Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas/Lu Roque (Philippines),
Kirchenkreis Gütersloh/Klaus Haselbach/Umweltreferat (Germany),
Kirchenkreis Herford/Ingo Ellermann/Umweltreferent (Germany),

La Alianza/Miguel Castro (Spain),
Liga para a Protecção da Natureza/Jorge Ferreira (Portugal),
Lingkod Tao-Kalikasan Foundation, Inc./Sr. Ma. Aida Velasquez/Secretariat for an Ecologically Sound (Philippines),

medico international/Andreas Wulf (Germany),
Menschen für Tierrechte/Margot Wurst (Germany),
Movimento Ecolólogico Cooperativo de Investigación Las velas y El Palmar (Venezuela),

Nacional Agruco/Freddy Delgado (Bolivia),
Natural Resources Defense Council/Gina M. Solomon (USA),
Nature Saskatchewan/Paule Hjertaas (Canada)
Netzwerk gegen Konzernherrschaft und neoliberale Politik/Maria Mies (Germany),

Ökologisch Demokratische Partei/Ursula Esau (Germany)
Ökolog. Plattform der PdS/Anne-Kathrin Petereit (Germany),
Oikos Solidaridad (El Salvador),
Oil-Watch (Costa Rica),
Ottawa Peace an Environment Resource Centre/Duncan Noble (Canada),

Palagrise/Patrick Obel Okeli (Congo),
Partei Demokratischer Sozialismus/Christian Schwarzenholz/Parteivorstand/Mitglied des Landtags Niedersachsen (Germany),
Partei Mensch Umwelt Tierschutz/Jürgen Gerlach (Germany),
Partnerschaft Dritte Welt Herrenberg (Germany),
Pax Christi/Gisela Wiese (Germany),
Pesticide Action Network Africa/Dr. Abou Thiam (Senegal),
Pesticide Action Network North America/Ellen Hickey (USA),
Pestizid Aktions-Netzwerk Deutschland/Gertraud Gauer-Süß (Germany),
Pesticide Education Project (USA),
Pesticide Watch/David Edeli (USA),
Physicians for Social Responsibility/Julie Silas (USA),
Programa de Nutrición y Soya (El Salvador),
Promotora de Servicios para el Desarrollo Sociedad Civil/Fernando Melo (El Salvador),

Quebec Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides/Olga Prin (Canada),

Red de Acción en Alternativas al Uso de Agroquimicos (Peru),
Red de Acción en Alternativas al Uso de Agroquimicos (Venezuela),
Red de Acción en Plaguicidas (El Salvador),
Red de Acción en Plaguicidas y sus Alternativas para América Latina/Homero Penagos (Panama),
Red de Acción en Plaguicidas y sus Alternativas para América Latina/Anna Filippini (Uruguay),
Red de Acción en Plaguicidas y sus Alternativas para América Latina/Luis Gomero (Peru),
Red por una America Latina libre de Transgenicos/Ana Lucia Bravo (Ecuador),
Robin Wood Deutschland/Peter Gerhardt/Fachreferat Tropenwald (Germany),
Rural Advancement Foundation International/Hope Shand (Canada),

SAFER WORLD/Ingrid Scherrmann (Germany),
Sindicato de empleados de la Universidad de Costa Rica (Costa Rica),
Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Universidad Nacional (Costa Rica),
Sindicatos de Trabajadores Municipales de la Provincia de Limón (Costa Rica),
Sira Consultance/Mame Gnagna Fall (Senegal),
Sociedad de Agrónomos Egresados de la Escuela Nacional. de Agricultura (El Salvador),
Sociedad de Ingenieros Agronomicas de El Salvador (El Salvador),
Soil Association/Michele Burton (UK),
Solidarische Kirche/Berthold Grube (Germany),
Solidarische Kirche/Erika Stückrath (Germany),
South Camden Housing Coop/Chris Hudson (UK),
Specialarbejderforbundet i Danmark/Jesper Lund-Larsen (Denmark),
Swedish Society for Nature Conservation/Pernilla Malmer/International Secretary for Agriculture (Sweden),
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences/Thomas Hahn (Sweden),

The Conservation Foundation/Charlotte Triggs (UK),
Toronto Environmental Alliance/Janet May (USA),

Umweltzentrum Düsseldorf/Ulla Hansen (Germany),
Unidad Ecológica Salvadorena (El Salvador),
United Church of Christ, Network for Environmental & Economic Responsibility/Jean Clark (USA),
Universidad Bíblica Latinoamericana (Costa Rica),
Universidad Luterana Salvadorena (El Salvador),
Universidad Técnica Latinoamericana (El Salvador),
Universidade Federal de Vicosa/Irene Maria Cardoso (Brazil),
Universidade Federal de Viçosa/Claudia de Carvalho Mello (Brazil),
Universidade Federal de Viçosa/Flávia Cristina Pinto Garcia (Brazil),
Universidade Federal de Viçosa/Dr. Ricardo H. S. Santos/Plant Science Department (Brazil),
University of Manchester/Laura Turney/Department of Sociology (UK),
University of Wisconsin/Prof. Warren Porter (USA),
Unión Nacional de Empleados de la Caja y la Seguridad Social (Costa Rica),

Vegetarier-Bund Deutschland e.V. (Germany),
Verein gegen tierquälerische Massentierhaltung/Karin Ulrich (Germany),

Washington State Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Network/Kathy Duff (US),
Washington Toxics Coalition/Erika Schreder (USA),
Waterpark Foundation/Irene Bloemink (Netherlands),
Weltladen Ronnenberg/Renate Ottmer (Germany),
weltumspannend arbeiten/Christoph Klatzer (Austria),
WWF International/Elizabeth Salter Green/European Toxics Program (UK),

Anne Arendt (Germany),
Anatol Arndt (Germany),
Gernot Adolphi (Germany),
Elisabeth Adolphi (Germany),

Lothar Backhaus (Germany),
Shipra Bansal (USA),
Karin Bauer (Germany),
Siegrid Baumann (Germany),
D. Baumgarten (Germany),
Barbara Baun (Germany),
Francisco Sérgio Barreto (Brazil),
Manfred Beier (Germany),
Andrea Berchtold (Germany),
Kerstin Bergmann (Germany),
Dr. Wolf-Hendrik Bergmann (Germany),
Fabian Blombach (Germany),
Monika Bietz (Germany),
Carlos Bonfim (Brazil),
Vaseela Braae (Germany),
Beatrix Brand (Germany),
Ingeborg Breidbach (Germany),
Herbert Breidbach (Germany),
Nicole Brennholt (Germany);
Ruth Brinker (Germany),
Werner Brock (Germany),
Annette Brox (Germany),
Klaus Brückner (Germany),
Gisela Buch (Germany),
Klaus Buggisch (Germany),
Irmgard Buss (Germany),
Sophia Busch (Germany),

Adolf Caesperlein (Germany),
Paula Carey (USA),
Wibke Cramer (Germany),
David Combosch (Germany),
Godehard Cziba (Germany);

Claiere David (Germany),
Siegfried Deber (Germany),
Samuel DeFasio (USA),
Christiane Degenhard (Germany),
Thomas van Diehl (Germany),
Susanne Dieterich (Germany),

Jutta Egler (Germany),
Iris Enke (Germany),
Friederike Ettwig (Germany);
Georg Erdelbrock (Germany),

Thomas Falk (Germany),
Prof. Eberhard Faul (Germany),
Hansgeorg Feißt (Germany),
Andrea Fischer (Germany),
Monika Fichtner (Germany),
Roswitha Fischer (Germany),
D. Franke (Germany),
Werner Florschütz (Germany),
Günter Fohmann (Germany),
Darsten Frenzel (Germany),

Sabine Gabriel (Germany),
Rüsiger Gieseler (Germany),
Denise Gomes (Brazil),
Maria Geisler (Germany),
Petra Katharina Griebel (Germany),
Alice Green (USA),
Rudolf Gumberger (Germany),
Peter Gundlach (Germany),
Jörn Gutzeit (Germany;

Ursula Haas (Germany),
Ilse Haagen (Germany),
Rolf Hackert (Germany),
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Jörg Hufen (Germany),
Susanne Heinzl (Germany),


Bernhard Jaeger (Germany),
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Ilkay Karakas (Germany),
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Dorothea Lang (Germany),
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Dörte Lenschow-Vögele (Germany),
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Judith Leypold (Germany),
Wolfgang Lippel (Germany),
Ingrid Lipps (Germany),
Dietrich Lipps (Germany),
Silke Löhr (Germany),
Astrid Lordick (Germany),
Michael Lührsen (Germany),
Walter Lunkmohr (Germany),
Carola Lurtz (Germany),

Cristiane Macau (Brazil),
Herbert Maier (Germany),
I. Maier (Germany),
Peter Mann (Germany),
Rita Marcangelo (UK),
H. Mayer (Germany),
Dr. Franz Mehlsteibl (Germany),
Dorothee Mennicken (Germany),
Marlies Mertes (Germany),
Friedhelm Meyer (Germany),
Pirka Meubrink (Germany),
Dieter Michaelis (Germany),
Gabriele Mötzung (Germany),
Monika Most-Seidel (Germany),
Marie-Luise Müller (Germany),
Ronny Müller (Germany),
Helmut Musial (Germany),
Dr. Joachim Mutter (Germany),

Matthias Nerger (Germany);
Guido Notter (Germany),
Käthe Nubling (Germany);


Ursula Pallessen (Germany),
Petra Katharina Panthel (Germany),
Renate Pasch (Germany),
Toni Pelzer (Germany),
Christel Pfermer (Germany),
Harald Proske (Germany),
Stephanie Pruegel (USA),
Erich Peter (Germany),
Ferdinand Peter (Germany),

Luise Quast (Germany),

Herbert Rädisch (Germany),
Walter Reichherzer (Germany),
Dr. Beate Reese (Germany),
Walter Reichherzer (Germany),
Sepp Rettenbeck (Germany),
Mayron Regis (Brazil),
Susanne Ruppel (Germany),

Itaan Pastor Santos (Brazil),
Marluze Pastor Sãntos (Brazil),
Jürgen Sauermann (Germany),
Heribert Schäfer (Germany),
Peter Schallenberg (Germany),
Heidemarie Schaller (Germany),
Birgit + Dirk Scharnbeck (Germany),
Heidrun Schaupeter (Germany),
Anke Schaupeter (Germany),
Alexander Schmidt (Germany);
Peter Schmidt (Germany),
Zita Schillmöller (Germany),
Dr. Anita Schlösser (Germany),
Markus Schmutz (Germany),
Wolfgang Schröder (Germany),
Bernd Schüngel (Germany),
Ralf Schröder (Germany),
Wilhelm Schwarz (Germany),
Hildegard Schwering (Germany),
Ursula Selbach (Germany),
David Smead (USA),
Stefanie Soeffge (Germany),
Kai Uwe Sommer (Germany),
Christine Sommer (Germany),
Ulf Spengler (Germany),
Björn Stodiek (Germany),
Manfred Strack (Germany),
Helmut Strasser (Germany),
U. Stricker (Germany),
Michael Straube (Germany),
Anne Stute (Germany),

Peter Thaesler (Germany),
Dr. Krista Thomas (Belgium),
Jan Thomsen (Germany),
Dipl.Ing. Agrar Kurtz Timrott (Germany);


Delia Valverde (Germany),
Thomas Volkmann (Germany),
Cora Voß (Germany);
Maike Voß (Germany),

Reinhold Waber (Germany),
Alice Walter (Germany),
Monika Wamsler (Germany),
Martina Weber (Germany),
Wegner-Baumgarten (Germany),
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Ingrid Wenzler (Germany),
Frank Winkler (Germany),
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Thea Wolf (Germany),
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Dagmar Zeeck (Germany),
Andreas und Salome Ziegler (Germany),
Carsten Zöllner (Germany),
Ursula Zehfuß (Germany),