The Age (Australia), September 22, 2007

Man in hospital after endosulfan spill

A man is in a serious condition in a Brisbane hospital after a dangerous pesticide leak in a shipping container at Fisherman Islands at the Port of Brisbane.
A Queensland Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said the man was at the Princess Alexandra hospital after being exposed to the pesticide, which is believed to contain the chemical endosulfan.
The spokesman said fire crews were first called to a chemical leak about 6am (AEST) and found the first area they visited safe.
She said they extended the search area after it was found the sick man had been working in another area of the compound.
She said six fire crews with breathing apparatus and protective clothing investigated and found the leaking shipping container which was due to be delivered to Bayer chemical company.
She said it was delivered to the company by police escort about 2.30pm (AEST).
The spokesman said the company was able to help authorities with the leak.