August 12, 2008

Corruption: “BayerGate” still not investigated

In 1997 drugs industry insider Alfredo Pequito informed the public that pharmaceutical companies in Portugal are bribing thousands of doctors to prescribe their products.

Pequito is a former employee of the German pharmaceuticals giant Bayer. He collected the names of nearly 2,500 Portuguese doctors who have been induced with gifts including cash and travel vouchers to prescribe Bayer drugs. Bayer also conducted unethical medical tests in Portugal, some test persons died.

Until today no suit has been filed against Bayer. Please read the following:

=> A current interview with Alfredo Pequito

=> The portuguese paper Expresso reported about deadly tests with Bayer´s medication Escadotril. Please find the article in English and Portuguese

=> In 2000 Pequito narrowly escaped an attempt on his life. This is an article in The Guardian.

=> Pequito sent a letter to the Attorney General of the Portuguese Republic on November 26, 2007. The Attorney General met with him on Decembre 3. So far nothing happened.