Primodos / Duogynon

Bayer Shareholder Meeting in Cologne, April 30, 2010

Good morning my name is John Walmisley Santiago. I was born in London in 1968. I am now 42.
Is there anyone in this room who cannot understand English ?
Many of your are parents.. I know It is such a lovely experience to come home with you new baby to show to your friends and family.
Even as you walk down the road, passersby will smile and look into your new pram to see you lovely new baby.
But not if your child is deformed
My parents came home from hospital with a deformed child caused by an overdosed of Primodos a drug made by Bayer/Sheerings.
In 1960-70’s your company prescribed the wrong dosage to thousands of parents.
Thousands of babies were born with terrible disabilities and deformities, a majority of them have died having lived through dreadful pain.
When will Bayer Sheerings apologise to the parents and children they overdosed in the 1960-70’s ?
When will Bayer Sheerings accept responsibility for their mistake ?
When will you offer help to those you deformed ?
Some of us are lucky, we are alive, yet we have the “Tattoos and deformities” from Bayer/Sheerings written on our bodies for the rest of our lives.
Primodos is still being used today, still be given to families in Africa and Poor areas of South America. More deformed children.
Ask yourself a question .. would you like to live in my shoes. ?
Thank you for listening. Does anyone have a question they would like to ask me.?

John Walmisley Santiago
BT Operate, E2E Webtop IT Test Manager (Tech Lead)
and Health and Safety Manager.