Primodos / Duogynon

Bayer Shareholder Meeting in Cologne, April 30, 2010

Dear Sir / Madam
My name is Karl Murphy. I am 37 year old from Liverpool in the UK. A number of you will remember me from last year standing on this stage regarding the drug Primodos. I would also like to thank a number of the shareholders who contacted me to ask for further information on this drug.
My mum is currently the Chairman for the Association of Children Damaged by Hormone Pregnancy Tests and I am the Vice Chairman of this Association. This Association was transferred to us in October 2009.
I ask Bayer today, why are you not in the top 10 Pharmaceuticl companys in the world today? These storys you here today is why you are not at Number 1 and never will be. The only way you will ever be at number 1 in that chart, is whn you act responsibly.
Today I am here again with a number of other victims of Primodos and Duogynon victims to speak about this drug.
Since last year I have uncovered a lot of information regarding the drug primodos and the ingredients that was in primodos. Since last year Bayer have asked me to supply evidence to them regarding this drug and how it damaged me and other people. I have supplied a lot of information regarding the substance that was in primodos which is called Norethisterone, a man made, potent, Progesterone. Primodos had 10mg in each tablet and two of these tablets were administered to the pregnant lady 12 hours apart to see if the lady was pregnant. This amount of substance was equal to the lady taking 2 – 3 packets of contraceptive pills at one time. I ask you to ask yourselves, If your Doctor told you to take 2 – 3 boxes of contraceptive pills at one time to see if you were pregnant what would you say? I think we all know the answer to that but Bayer say this is ok and will not hurt the unborn feutus.
Why did Bayer Shearing allow the high dosages of progestins to be allowed to be used in Primodos?
I ask Bayer were is all the information on this drug? They will say it has been destroyed, Why?
Why was the an abortifacient drug called Norethisterone put into a pregnancy test?
Norethisterone is a man made progesterone. In the pharmaceutical world they call it a progestin because of it not being the natural progesterone like what is made natural in a ladies body. A progestin has a different molecular configuration and is not the same as the progesterone made in the ladies body. A progestin also has a lot more side effects than natural progesterone and believe me or not it does cause deformities in the unborn baby, I have the proof with me today. Progestins are also 10 – 100 times as potent as natural progesterone.
I ask Bayer, Is this why we are getting all the problems with the ladies using the contraceptive pills of today? Because of the potent progestins that you use in your products.
Mr Wenning last year said this drug was not connected to the contraceptive pill by any way, I can totally disagree with this and ask you all to have a look at the drug Norethisterone on the computer. This drug is used to control ladies periods and is also used in the contraceptive pills of today. The dosages of this drug that is used today is 0.03mg – 1mg in contraceptive pills and 5mg in HRT medication. The substances that were in Primodos and are in the contraceptive pills of today and HRT tablets are all the synthetic progesterones known as progestins. All these products that use Norethisterone and even Bayers warn the patient that this drug should not be given to a pregnant lady, even Bayers products tell the Doctors to do a pregnancy test before the product with Norethisterone is given to the lady. Some products even warn the lady that she may have to consider termination because of the links to damageing of the feutus.
Why does Bayer keep denying Norethisterone that was in Primodos does not harm the fetus when there other products have it on the warning leaflet?
When a lady becomes pregnant her natural progesterone levels are 30 – 50 times higher than normal. Why was Primodos given to the lady as a pregnancy test? she already had high natural progesterone levels in her body then primodos was given, adding another 20 mg of a potent, synthetic, man made progesterone taking this ladies progesterone level through the roof? I now know why so many babies died and were deformed in the UK and Germany with these levels of progesterone’s in the pregnant ladies body.
We have all heard of the morning after pill to abort the unwanted baby. They flood the ladies bodies with progestins to abort the unwanted baby. Why use this high dosage, synthetic, potent, progestins as a pregnancy test on our parents?
Bayer have no scientific evidence regarding primodos and the high dosages of estrogens and progesterone’s that were in this tablet, they have confirmed they hold no documents regarding these drugs. After I had sent all my information to Bayer with the effects of high dosages of norethisterone and ethinlystrodial and how it caused deformities they replied back with scientific tests of the contraceptive pill, a total lower dosage of Norethisterone than what was in primodos and let’s not forget the contraceptive pill is given over a 21 day period with low dosages progestergin and estrogens in these. I have these scientific tests on the contraceptive pill that Bayer sent me.
Bayer have confirmed by a letter that they gave 25000 Boxes of primodos away to Doctors in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s free of charge. They confirm this was done for the Doctors so they get use to the product, they confirm this is still done today. As far back as the early 1970’s the British Committee on Safety of Medicines confirmed that the drug Norethisterone was not recommended for the use in pregnant ladies. In 1971 Bayer Sharing changed the internal patient information leaflet that was in the primodos boxes to exclude pregnancy in the UK, the one thing that Bayer Shearing never done was inform the Doctors of the UK of the change to this drug, they also never requested these 25000 boxes that they gave away free in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s back from the Doctors. These Doctors were still prescribing Primodos as a pregnancy test unaware of the damage this drug was doing. In 1975, 5 years after Norethisterone had been told not be given to a pregnant lady and 8 years after Dr Isabel Gal had warned Bayer Shearing about primodos, Bayer Shearing put the warnings on the back of the primodos boxes which says ( a possibility exists of an association between the use of primodos during early pregnancy and an increased incidence of congenital abnormalities. Because of this possible hazard, primodos must not be taken unless the patient is not pregnant); this was also put in the British Medical Journal for Doctors to see. This was the very first warning that was issued to Doctors by the drug company and the Committee of Safety of Medicines in the UK.
Bayer have sent me a letter which I have with me today saying that they considered that the was no suspicion of an association between the hormones used in primodos and any teratogenic effects. They have also said there is no association between the ingestion during pregnancy of the hormones contained in primodos and congenital deformities alleged by myself. If Bayer are so convinced that primodos, or the substances Norethisterone or Ethinlystrodiol does not cause deformities, why put the warning on the back of the primodos box? Why does all Bayers products which contain Norethisterone warn that a pregnant lady should not take this drug? Why is Norethisterone classed as an X rated drug for pregnant women not to be given this? Why does other pharmaceutical companies warn patients who are pregnant not to take Norethisterone? Even pharmaceutical companies warn hormonal medicines can affect the developing of the baby.
I would also like you to think regarding your own country Germany, we have victims of the drug Duogynon also made by Bayer Shearing, please look at the box of Duogynon and the drugs that were used in this, they are exactly the same drugs and the same high dosage quantity that was used in primodos. Does that not say to you that two different country’s with different brand names on the boxes but have the same quantity of Norethisterone and Ethinloestradiol and we all have deformities because our mothers were given this drug as a pregnancy tests.
I ask Bayer Schearing, if they are so convinced that this drug does not cause deformities, bring one of you family or employees who have just found they are pregnant and are in the first trimester of pregnancy and put them on stage and take the 2 Primodos tablets that I have from the 1970’s in front of your shareholders to show them it does not harm the baby. I know you would not do that and as I am a caring person would not give you the tablets and let you do it as I know what affects this drug would do to the unborn baby and how it would struggle through it’s life like all the victims here today who have been damaged by Primodos / Duogynon.
Bayer will say that they put the warnings on the back of the primodos boxes under the instructions of the Committee on Safety Of Medicines in 1975 even though Bayer said the was no association with deformities but I have the original letter from the Committee on Safety of Medicines which says “a number of studies have shown a possible association between taking mixtures of estrogens and progestogen as a means of diagnosing pregnancy and an increased incidence of congenital deformities”. Why put the warnings on the boxes when thousands of babies already had savere disabilities or had even died?
Here today I ask you all, when you all get back home later on, look at EP drugs on your internet. EP drugs stands for estrogen and progesterone. These 3 web sites talks about how the Indian Government and the medical profession also linked Hormone Pregnancy Tests to birth deformities and had all the Hormone Pregnancy Tests banned in India. Bayer Schearing was also one of the companies who were made to destroy all there Hormone Pregnancy Tests, I have the full legal case to show this. If you have been given a primodos pack at the front door when you arrived you will see what happened in India and how they also linked these drugs to birth defects and how they also induced abortion. This happened to my mother the first time she was given Primodos and miscarried and the second time she was given primodos I was born with my deformities the whole living proof of what these high dosage of hormone drugs do to the unborn baby.
I am no scientist, this job lies in the hands of Bayer, Bayer keep deniying that Progestin don’t damage the fetus but other scientists from other drug companys around the world confirm they do deform the fetus. Why is it only Bayer who is denying this drug deforms babies?
I ask Bayer today, when you bought Shearing or merged with Shearings, what policies and procedures did you put in place for any victims that had been damaged by any of Shearings products?
I thank you for listening to me today and If you do require any of this information to back up what I am saying please contact me and I will forward it to you.
I will see you all again next year.
Thank you for listening to my speech