Bayer-Monsanto merger
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Demonstration in Düsseldorf, Germany

Stop the Bayer-Monsanto mega merger

Death in the fields. Poison in our food.
BAYER’s and MONSANTO’s business models are ruthless: both companies make their profits through pesticides and genetic engineering; they damage the health of farmers and consumers; they destroy the global climate and biodiversity, and they jeopardise the basis of life and nutrition for all future generations. BAYER now wants to take over MONSANTO, expanding the life-threatening business model to achieve higher profits for major shareholders. Therefore, resistance is essential: for a society of solidarity, free from profit-chasing at the expense of humanity and nature!

We demand:
Stop the BAYER-MONSANTO merger!
Stop environmental destruction through genetic engineering and pesticides!
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Farmers Ramp Up Campaign Against Bayer Takeover of Monsanto

Appeal: Stop BAYER and MONSANTO!

Dear activists, affected people, let´s act together now!


Press release, 19 July 2016:
MONSANTO Acquisition- BAYER’s arguments unconvincing

Press release, 15 June 2016:
The Bayer-Monsanto merger will hurt others

Press Conference, 27 June 2016:
Opposing the BAYER and Monsanto Merger - The fight for a GM-free agriculture must be strengthened


=> Deutsche Welle, 31 May 2016: Environmentalists plan fierce battle against Bayer-Monsanto merger


Düsseldorf, 4 Juni 2016
=> March against Monsanto-impressions