Carcinogen. Climate killer. Environmental toxin.

Ban glyphosate now!

On July 24th, the Bayer group published its proposals for settling the suits by glyphosate victims in the USA. The Coordination gegen BAYER-Gefahren (CBG) considers them entirely insufficient.

The campaign ‟Carcinogen. Climate killer. Environmental toxin. Ban glyphosate now!” is our response to Bayer’s plan to end the glyphosate affair only judicially, but not economically, and instead to keep marketing this dangerous pesticide.

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Glyphosate: The News!

Here you will find current news on the topic of glyphosate.

Glyphosate: The Facts!

Why does glyphosate need to be taken off the market? It is a carcinogen, a climate killer, an environmental toxin. You will find facts, sources, and hyperlinks here.

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It is time to force glyphosate off the market! In order to achieve this, we need staying power. In order to make our campaign far-reaching, long-term, and sustainable, we need your support!

2020 annual meeting

In late July 2020, we launched the ‟Ban glyphosate now!” campaign. So the idea of devoting our annual meeting to this total herbicide and Bayer’s other herbicides and pesticides was natural. Therefore, ‟Pesticides – Environment – Human Lives” was the topic on October 10th in Düsseldorf. Read the full report.

Open Letter to BAYER

As part of this campaign, the CBG wrote an Open Letter to Bayer. On 31 July 2020, the Open Letter was published as part of an action to hand it over at the group headquarters in Leverkusen.

Together with activists from Fridays for Future, Block BAYER, and of course the Coordination itself, we delivered the Open Letter directly to Bayer’s headquarters. You can find the letter here.

We thank all the activists who were there to support us. We also thank all those who supported the letter with their signature.

Press Releases

You will find our press release announcing the campaign and action here.
You will find our press release with the report on the action here.

Further reports/video of the action

Our friends from r-mediabase supported us reliably with media accompaniment, as always! Watch the video of our action on their Web site.