Coalition against BAYER Dangers
Monsanto-Bayer merger: Protest against grave threat for global food security
BAYER/MONSANTO: Death on fields. Poison in food.
Claimant Felicitas Rohrer speaking at BAYER shareholder meeting
success: Bayer quits MIC production
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The Bhopal Charta

In the years after the Pesticide Gas Desaster 1984 in Bhopal/India the Coordination gegen BAYER-Gefahren (CBG) Coordination Against BAYER-Dangers / was involved in developping the Charta “Human Rights and Industrial Hazards”. CBG founder Axel Köhler-Schnura participated in the final deliberations of the Human Rights Charter "Health, Safety and Environmental Rights" in 1994 in London, where he presented the case study of the "BAYER Group".
Due to the 35th memorial day of the desaster, we present the charter once again here on our media.


Death in the fields. Poison in our food.
BAYER’s and MONSANTO’s business models are ruthless: both companies make their profits through pesticides and genetic engineering; they damage the health of farmers and consumers; they destroy the global climate and biodiversity, and they jeopardise the basis of life and nutrition for all future generations. BAYER now wants to take over MONSANTO, expanding the life-threatening business model to achieve higher profits for major shareholders. Therefore, resistance is essential: for a society of solidarity, free from profit-chasing at the expense of humanity and nature!

We demand:
Stop the BAYER-MONSANTO merger!
Stop environmental destruction through genetic engineering and pesticides!
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Appeal: Stop BAYER and MONSANTO!

Dear activists, affected people, let´s act together now!

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